Title Haruse
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Gender Male
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Partner {{{Partner}}}
Previous Partner Kuroyuri
Powers Warsfeil
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Haruse (ハルセ) Voiced by: Wataru Hatano is another of the antagonists of the story being a member of the Black Hawks. He is Kuroyuri's subordinate giving support to him in anyway he can whether it be accompanying him on missions or carrying him in his arms while he is napping. Haruse can be classed as the quiet one of the group as he does not usually speak unless spoken to. However when it comes to Kuroyuri it is apparent that the two hold a father son relationship even though Kuroyuri is evidentally stronger than Haruse. He is apparently killed by Mikhail when he threatens to manifest himself in Teito and take him to the Barsburg empire were Teito would be executed for his crime of disertion.

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