Hitomi no Kotae is the first ending in 07-Ghost. It is sung by



07-Ghost ED HD00:00

07-Ghost ED HD


Tooi natsukashiki keshiki Yasashii yuki no kaori Togire togire no kioku wo Tsumuide michi wo sagasu

Kuruidashita sadame ni Tashika na menomae mo nanimokamo mienai

Tookute mienai chiisana tomoshibi Negau hodo miushinau mono Fukai yami wo kirisaiteku koto wa Koko ni aru to

Kanaderu sanbika atatakai namida Koboreochiru ikiyuku kagiri Sora wo aogu akai hitomi ni mitsuketa Asu he no michi



遠い懐かしき景色 優しい雪の薫り 途切れ途切れの記憶を 紡いで道を探す

狂いだした運命に 確かな目の前も何もかも見えない

遠くて見えない小さな灯火 願うほど見失うもの 深い闇を切り裂いてく心は ここにあると

奏でる賛美歌 温かい泪 零れ落ちる生きゆく限り 空を仰ぐ赤い瞳見つけた 明日への道



There's a familiar forest in the distance, that smells of a gentle snowfall. You spin the threads of your broken memories, searching for a new path.

Though free now from your maddening destiny, your eyes are blinded by your own determination.

A tiny point of light sparkles in the distance, the closer you try to get the farther away it goes.

But as long as you continue to shed such warm tears, a beautiful hymn will ring out from your soul, slicing through the inky blackness.

Red from crying, your eyes look up towards the heavens, as you walk down the road leading to tomorrow.

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